Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Hello Busy Subscribers!

I’ve been reflecting on time management this week. You know that satisfaction of hopping on the B train just as the doors close on your backside? “YES!” You made it. Just in time. In fact, it’s a timing coup: no missed train, yet no time wasted on the platform either. This is how I live my life lately, jumping to appointments like hopping subway cars. I’m always optimizing time, intolerant of unproductive moments—impatient to the point of a diagnosable disorder no doubt. Okay, you’re probably more chill than me, but I assume your days are still much like mine, packed with obligation, enrichment and recreation. So I want to start off this week with a huge THANK YOU for:

1.  subscribing to my blog,
2.  not yet unsubscribing,
3.  opening my posts and (more or less) making it through them. 

This makes Post #17 in the new year. That’s a lot for you and me... and a lot has been falling by the wayside because of it. I’ve been making different choices lately:

Choice A  OR  Choice B

write my blog OR change out the boys’ winter wardrobe for summer shorts
write my blog OR rout out size 6 underwear from the 10-year-old’s skivvies drawer
read someone else’s blog OR make homemade applesauce
write my blog OR clean out the china cabinet
peruse Pinterest boards OR clean out the kitchen drawer
follow friends on Twitter OR scrub the shower curtain liner
plant bulbs in public spaces OR sew buttons on shirts
write my blog OR give myself a sloppy pedicure
try a radical recipe for ground turkey OR wash out the garbage cans
write my blog OR clean the microwave
write my blog OR fold laundry
read someone else’s newsletter OR match mittens and socks
join a book club OR clean out the car
do a set of push-ups OR dust the blinds
write my blog OR sleep

I’ve been favoring A over B these days…. overlooking the gummy corners of the kids’ mouths and the kitchen floor. Slacking on changing sheets. The pots and the poodle go unwashed.

The daily must-dos are enough for me these days. It’s enough to slide supper on the table, correct homework, sign school trip permission slips, enforce piano practice.

When the kids finally nod off, column B beckons, but I’ve been plugging the ear buds into the MacBook, raising the volume on my iTunes The Cure radio station, and going for A…  
I LOVE choosing A and I’m managing the consequences… 

What are your housekeeping shortcuts?  

Here are 3 of mine:

1. Clorox wipes by every toilet.
2. Dressing from the clean laundry basket.
3. Dim lighting.

One area I don’t take nearly enough shortcuts: the stovetop. But that’s my choice too. I still love to cook. When a 5lb bag of last October’s Macintosh apples scans at $2.99 in April, it’s time to make applesauce, and screw the blog. Homemade applesauce is worth the effort.

What’s worth your effort these days?


Brooklyn's own said...

I love these blogs, lady. You're too much. We must have the same house. I have a small path in my room at this point that leads to my bed. I started "Spring cleaning" in January and never put anything back. Actually I only got as far as taking everything out. Can't find things. My life is such a mess when my house is. Now tell me about how you make your famous applesauce!

Maria Newsom-Fahey said...

Ha! Thanks. You are not alone in your housekeeping challenges!
Bag of Apples on Sale
1/4 cup of water
3 T brown sugar (optional)
cinnamon stick (optional)

Peel, core, de-worm apples. Cut into chunks and dump in pot along with water, brown sugar and cinnamon stick. Cook over medium flame til somewhat mushy (15 mins or so) Break up chunks with a potato masher or fork. I don't like it too smooth so I quit while it's still nice and chunky. Enjoy!

Donald Loggins said...

I would pick all A's except for the last one. Sleep is important for the creative process.

Unicorn Mom said...

I've been making A-type choices a lot lately too, which unfortunately means not catching up on your blog as much as I'd like. Glad I found time to check this one out--good stuff!

lilsis said...

dim lighting YES!

lilsis said...

dim lighting YES!