Monday, March 17, 2014


what I fear:

elevators that stop between floors
meter maids 
missing bill payments
loving too much
finance fees
disappointing my parents (still)
retirement fund statements
disappointing my kids
annual reports
knee injury
making big decisions
being alone with a box of powdered donuts
bed bugs
humorless people
Martha Stewart craft projects
aiming too high
aiming too low
1. old
2. sick
3. infirm
losing friendships
dull knives
losing opportunities

and I REALLY fear feeding my six-year-old:

Me: “You haven’t been eating your oatmeal lately William.
Is Mommy making it wrong? How would you like me to make it?”
William: “Mommy, make the oatmeal. Then sweeten it by not using sugar. (?)
Then add chocolate chips and bake it. “(?)
Me: “Bake it?”
William: “Put it in there.” (pointing to microwave)
Me (serving it up): “Do you still want a bowl of brown sugar on the side?”
William (heaping brown sugar into his bowl, patting it down, tasting): “Brown sugar mixed with chocolate mixed with oatmeal doesn’t taste that good. I’m full.”

what I fear but face anyway:

elementary school principals
disappointing my parents
social media
disappointing my children
driving on superhighways with kids and no snacks
making big decisions
baking soufflés
bungee jumping
cleaning artichokes
cleaning the cavities of raw chickens
Martha Stewart craft projects
losing opportunities

what/who I don’t fear:
sharp knives
food processors
the left lane
the dark
people whose job it is to serve the public (politicians)
people whose job it is to protect me (police)
people whose job it is to cure me (doctors)
people whose job it is to fix my computer (IT)
people whose job it is to fill my spiritual needs (priests/ministers/rabbis/imams/gurus)
steep sledding hills
roller coasters
Martha Stewart
a good cry

This morning, I got it right. William ate his oatmeal. Face your fear.

Soufflé Au Fromage
courtesy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking

by Julia Child, Louisette Bertholle, Simone Beck
This recipe follows seven pages of mandatory reading on soufflé engineering. Skip them and risk your soufflé falling flat. 


Ashton Applewhite said...

I got the Joy of French Cooking for a wedding present. Two volumes in hardcover. I opened it twice. Eleven years later I got divorced. Would Julia have saved us? I don't fucking think so.

Maria Newsom-Fahey said...

C'est la vie!

Brooklyn's own said...

I get a kick out of the things that swirl through your mind. You're really creative. Thanks